Useful Chrome Extensions (with video overview)


With this extension you’ll be able to hover over any element and immediately see the applied styling nicely organized like this:


Sometimes it can help you to find out what your favorite (or inspirational) websites are using! With this extension you get a nice glimpse into the types of libraries/frameworks the website is using:

Web Developer Toolbar

One of the oldest, but still helpful, extensions around. It does a huge variety of different things like:

  • Outlining different types of elements
  • Managing CSS (like changing the CSS on the page)
  • Resizing the page
  • Validating your HTML/CSS
  • and a lot more!

Web Developer Checklist

A great list of items you should make sure your website does or has. And if you missed something it has a link that explains how to add it.


Not necessarily web development focused, but a good extension to ensure your personal and work life have a higher level of language comprehension (or at least to make it appear so!). This extension will automatically make some quite advanced suggestions how to improve the text (emails, comments, etc) you write!

Even more!