Final Exam List of Items to Remember

There is a small list of the things that you need to memorize to do well on the Final Exam:

  • Header
    • SVG logo is simply an img tag with a src and a width attribute
    • Apply flex, justify-content (space-between), and align-items (center)
    • Add padding to the top and bottom (20px 0)
    • The buttons in the right navigation need
      • To be selected directly with CSS (not the wrapping div) .menu a
      • Use display: inline-block (proper way to apply padding)
      • Add padding
      • Remove the text-decoration (set to none)
      • Border needs 3 property definitions:
        • Width = 1px
        • Style = solid
        • Color = green (or black or any color)
        • Resulting in: border: 1px solid green;
  • Hero requires a background image, background-size cover, and padding (90px 90px 60% 90px)
    • background: url( no-repeat;
    • background-size: cover;
  • The left column needs a width of about 30% and will contain a form which needs 3 tags
    • Open close form tag
    • Input tag (can be empty, and it’s a self-close tag like img)
    • Button tag (with text Go inside)
  • In the left column, the list with fontawesome icons needs you to  copy the code from the fontawesome page I provide but also needs you to add the link tag from the fontawesome Getting Started page from the header navigation in their website!
  • The footer should have two immediate children (logo and footer-nav)
    • The footer-nav also has two immediate children nav-left and nav-right
    • The anchor buttons inside the left and right nav need to be display: block; with a border-bottom

If you remember these instructions you should do quite well!