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Getting your FTP information (from GoDaddy) – FileZilla/WebStorm Connection

  1. Make sure you are logged in then visit https://account.godaddy.com/products/
  2. Under Web Hosting we click Manage

  3. Then select the cPanel button

  4. Now click the FTP Accounts button

  5. Here we fill out the information, make sure to change Directory to just public_html

  6. Click Create FTP Account

Now that we have the FTP account we can use FileZilla or WebStorm to connect. Let’s cover both.

Connecting with FileZilla

  1. Open FileZilla app (download from the link above)
  2. Click on the Site Manager icon from the top left
  3. Create a new Site from the icon on the bottom left

  4. Specify a host which should be your domain name

  5. For logon type choose normal

  6. Now enter the username you chose + @yourdomain.com and password you entered when setting up the FTP account

  7. That’s it, now select the Connect button on the bottom right

  8. You can either use the left side navigation to find your files to upload, or simply use Finder to go to the folder with your files and drag and drop them into the right side of FileZilla

WebStorm FTP Setup

  1. Either create a new project for your website files or use existing, the final result should be that you’ve opened the folder of your project in WebStorm
  2. Now you can simply browse the remote files via FTP by clicking on Tools -> Deployment -> Browse Remote host

  3. A new panel will appear on the right, click the 3 dots to open the settings

  4. Set a name for your web host (can be domain name) and then OK

  5. Set the FTP host to your domain, then your username + @domain.com and the password we set. Make sure to check the “Save password” checkbox to save us time in the future

  6. Now click ADVANCED OPTIONS and select Passive Mode

  7. No select the Mappings tab and just add “/” in the “Deployment path on the server…” input

  8. Click OK to complete adding the server. Now right click on your Project folder in the left side of WebStorm and select Deployment->Download from MyFinalProject or whatever name you chose for your server to get all your files from the server to your computer!

  9. Now click on Tools->Deployment->Automatic Upload so that when we edit a file and save it, it’s automatically uploaded

  10. Once the downloading is complete, we can edit any file or create a new file and it should automatically be uploaded to our server!

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