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Buying hosting/domain

Navigate to the following link to purchase a plan


Selecting a plan is based on how many websites you need and if you want any subdomains like forums.mydomain.com

For a single website you should be okay with the Economy!

Choose no thanks

Choose a domain

Change duration to 12months (can’t be less if you want free domain)

Create an account

Enter your details

Enter your billing address and credit card then purchase

For some reason, it took me to the sites page which was empty until I reloaded! So reload if needed

Click the little 3 dots to set up

Enter the domain you chose

Choose the server location

Only continue if you want them to install WordPress for you!!

If you want automatic installation of wordpress

Create an email if you need one

Now you can go to yourdomain.com/wp-admin and follow the wizard:

Now you can add some social/contact info

Choose any theme, as we’ll change it later

That’s about it for getting set up! The rest will be reviewed in class.

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