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Looking for design inspiration for your Final Project

Here is a list of websites and quick tips to find a great design base for your final projects!

Theme Forest

Type the type of website you are looking for in the big search field, such as interior design

Then select from the dropdown “Best sellers” to narrow down to the better selection of themes. Click around until you find a few you like.

Template Monster

Find a category in the left column down below that closest fits your idea

For example in my case, I would try “Design & Photography” and “Real Estate Templates”. You could try the search on top of the website as well. Then look for the “Popularity” panel in the left column to narrow it down to either “Best Sellers” or “Top Rated”


If you’re confident in your skills you could just find inspiration in Dribbble. It showcases some gorgeous designs by top artists. Type a search term like “Interior Design website” and results such as:

These should definitely get your design juices flowing! Just ask me and I’ll help you figure out how to imitate the designs!

Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal.
– Pablo Picasso

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